Whether someone left the lights on in the car or your car's battery may just be getting old, you may come to a time when you need to charge your car battery. It's important to know how to charge the battery safely and what steps to take to ensure the charge lasts a while. Our team at Porsche of Chattanooga is here to give you some tips on battery care and charging.

Whether you're charging the battery for the first time, or it's become a regular thing, you need to understand why it needs charging before you can solve the problem. If it's due to leaving the lights on in the car due to extremely cold temperatures, fully charging the battery may be all that's needed. If the battery continually needs charging, it may be time for a new battery.

After shutting off the car and making sure the charger is unplugged, identify the negative and positive terminals on the battery and the charging cable. Remember the red cable goes to the positive terminal while the black cable goes to the negative terminal. Plug in the charger, turn it on, and wait for the battery to be fully charged. When it's charged, unplug the black and then the red cable. The vehicle should be good to go.

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